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Meet Charles Grantham

college sports recruiting assistance and consulting

 With the addition of Charles Grantham to the Everest team, we add someone with a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the intricacies of the IVY and N.E.S.C.A.C. selection process.This will benefit the recruit who aspires to the more selective schools.

  •  Grantham was the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Wharton School, Graduate Division, at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Grantham was also the Executive Director of the N.B.A. Player`s Association. 

 Grantham , through his numerous contacts that span multiple markets,will be in a position to guide our recruits once they finish their college careers.

  Grantham was among The Sporting News’ “100 Most Powerful Sports People” for three successive years.

  He led the National Basketball Players Association (the “NBPA”) during the most expansive period in the history of professional basketball, serving as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer and having begun his tenure as Director of Administration and Marketing. 

He instituted an orientation program for rookie players to help prepare them for the rigors of life
in the NBA. The program, the first of its kind in professional sports, identifies and examines challenges and pressures players and their families will face in the fast-paced arena of professional sports. 

Grantham initiated and directed several educational and counseling programs that expanded the benefits package for NBPA members including a second-career planning program emphasizing degree completion, aptitude testing, interviewing skills and professional internships geared toward development of post-playing careers. 

Grantham was a founder of “Athlete’s for Better Education,” an all-American camp since taken over by Nike and made into a flagship basketball camp for the best high school players in the United States, and he worked to establish the annual “NBPA Little City Awards Banquet,” which, over a 15-year period, raised millions to benefit mentally and physically challenged children and their families.

Has appeared frequently on local and national television programs including ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and PBS’s The MacNeil-Lehrer Report. Grantham has authored several articles featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Inside Sports and The New York Daily News and was executive producer and narrator for a 35-minute documentary video titled “Cocaine Drain,” which featured NBA players speaking out against illegal drug use. 

As a Presidential Conferee in the Reagan Administration, he helped to develop public policy to combat drug use in America. Grantham has testified before Congress regarding drug policies in professional sports and about collegiate eligibility and professional sports issues. 

During his career with the NBPA, Grantham assembled a vast collection of honors and awards. He received the 
K-Swiss Sports Executive of the Year Award, 
the Success Guide Leadership Award, 
the Black Athletes in America Forum Spirit Award, 
the Wheelchair Classic Businessman of the Year Award, 
the Rainbow Coalition Leadership Award and 
the Pro-Am Achievement Award. 

He was voted into the Cheyney State University Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Grantham has served on numerous advisory boards and committees, including the board of directors and selection committee for USA Basketball’s Dream Teams I and II, the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame, the Basketball Alumni Foundation, Women’s Sports Foundation and Sports Career, Inc.