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Everest Recruiting Consulting


Over 500 families

have relied upon our

expertise and guidance!!!!


The  Lacrosse recruiting process


 is like an Endurance event...




With the madness of lacrosse early recruiting,

you have a very limited window,

to get this right!!


There are absolutely no

second chances.


Stop wasting your time and money

 on unproductive lax events,

 that do nothing to facilitate your son's

chances at finding the right school!! you sit and view this site,

another day has gone by,

on the unforgiving lacrosse recruiting calendar.



Schedule a free conference call now!!


Unless of course,

you have this whole

thing figured out!



WE WILL .....


  • Meet one on one with your family to better understand your goals and aspirations.
  • Provide an objective assessment of your child's athletic ability through direct observation.
  • Review colleges based on your child’s academic achievement, educational goals, financial needs, and athletic ability. 
  • Act as a guide for your family as you and your child enter into the communication phase with the college coaching community.
  • Include you in our conference calls that address pertinent and timely issues related to the complexities of the recruiting process.
  • Assist you in evaluating summer camps and tournaments you might be considering.
  • Provide unlimited telephone consultation throughout the recruiting process until your child has been officially accepted at a school.
  • Assist with the final editing of your child’s highlight video.
  • Introduce you to ‘The Friends of Everest’





James Sullivan-Dartmouth

Brendan Forst -Harvard

Jesse Cuccia-UNC

Ted Forst-Yale

Jacob Walthour-Syracuse

Connor O'brien-Cornell

Will Sullivan-Yale

Chris Stach-Brown

Blake Tyndal-UNC

                             Griffin Thomas-Yale

                      Cooper Lee-Colorado College

                             Teddy Transou-Duke

                             Brian Davis- U. Deleware

                            Nick Adams-Utah

Jake Shriner-Loyola

Justin Cerniello-Sacred Heart

Andrew Eichelberger- Lehigh

Charlie Trense-Notre Dame

Curtis Alexander-Michigan

Stephen Tortora- Delaware

Jack O'Connell-Dickinson

Jack Grossman-Boston University

James Sullivan-Furman

Dylan Moser-Wesleyan

Chase Midgely-Middlebury

Connor Muldoon-Boston University

John Neil-Wesleyan

Emilio Sosa-Kenyon

Chris Roussos-Colorado College

Harison Raine-Colorado College

Sam Mishkind-Babson

                             Kyle Korwan-Furman

Luke Langford-W&L

Alex Ives-St.Joseph's

Will Gabriel-Hamilton

Drew Adams-Vasssar

Jack Zukowski-Mt. St. Mary's

                            Chad Kittaka-Lehigh

                            Mike Weaver-W&L

                            Luke Dennen-US Naval Academy

Anders Ashforth-W&L


Will Reynolds` story below....

Will Reyolds interview

Will Reynolds discusses his Michigan verbal comittment


Billy Maltz-Lafayette
Blake Moore- Amherst
Bob Collins-Notre Dame
Brewster Warble-Brown
Brian Badgett-Boston University
Bug Carper-UNC [2014]
Christian Wolter- Michigan
Cortland Heneveld- Naval Academy
Dan O`Connell-Villanova
Dino Lavalle-Brown
Jake Bank-Ct. College
Jake SchneIder-Middlebury
Jessie Parker-Binghamton
Joseph Noonan- Union
Kevin McDonough- U.Penn
Kevin Overlander-Amherst
Luc Valenza-U.Mass [2014]
Mat Cortese- Lafayette
Mike Mattson- Tufts
Nick Franchella-St Lawrence
Patrick Schayer- Williams
Ryan Nardi-Bowdoin
Tom Lavelle-Fairfield
Tripp Transou- Duke
Wyatt Wood-U. Maryland


Coach Miller's articles

published in



Inside  Lacrosse

Inside Lacrosse


Welcome to EVEREST Recruiting Consulting, your best resource for helping your child make the most important decision in their life.


The simple fact is that you have one chance only to make what is potentially the most important decision in a student athlete’s life: where to go to college. As a recruited athlete, he or she may have a distinct advantage over non-athletes.

Our goal is to help you discover schools at which your child would not otherwise be a candidate for admission. Our focus is on securing a 'slot' at one of the many competitive colleges or universities that afford recruited athletes favored admissions standards. Maximizing your opportunities takes persistence, hard work and an understanding of the nuances of the recruiting process.
Our knowledge, experience and understanding of all these variables and intangibles related to the recruiting process allow us to offer invaluable and objective insights. Analyzing each recruit individually, we work side by side with your family to navigate this complex and critically important process.

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***We do offer our services to student athletes who are involved in sports other than Lacrosse. However, our efforts are STRICTLY limited to student athletes who are seeking admission to either an Ivy League or N.E.S.C.A.C. and a limited number of  other select schools.